Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Awesome Message of Agent Carter

So, I may have written this in a previous blog post, but one night last winter, I was searching for something to watch on the ABC website (well, mostly wishing there were more free Once Upon a Time episodes), and I came across Agent Carter. I thought the fact that the show was supposed to be in the forties was interesting, so I watched an episode. I loved it. After that I kept watching the mini series, and I am so, so glad that they are making a season 2! After Once Upon a Time, Agent Carter is my recommendation to anyone who wants a new, awesome show to watch!

Since this show takes place in 1946, women had really only started joining the workforce. As you can probably guess, Peggy Carter had some male coworkers who didn't really want her there and didn't trust her to do anything except order their lunch. However, she still completes her job and does other work on the side. I won't give away any spoilers :)

During the first season, Peggy goes through a really hard time as she believes her boyfriend, Captain America (Steve Rogers), to have died. (I've only seen one Avengers movie, so I don't know what really happens to him, but I heard he's not actually dead, just asleep or something like that.) Even so, she keeps going with her life, continuing Steve's work and trying to make him proud.

My favorite part is the end of the first season, after she says that she doesn't need anyone to tell her what she's worth because she knows it herself.

I love Peggy Carter :) She's definitely one of my favorite TV show characters. I can't wait for season 2! Does anyone else think there should be a romance between her and Sousa? I still wish she could be with Steve, but I think Sousa likes her. And I think Peggy could make room for another man in her life.  

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