Friday, July 10, 2015

Why Once Upon a Time is Such an Awesome Show

Caution: There are spoilers
Once Upon a Time is definitely my favorite show, no doubt about it! I love the magic, the storyline, the characters, the costumes..... 

Currently, I have just finished season 3. I really hope I can see season 4 before season 5 airs! I definitely love what I have seen so far! The screenwriters never tire of adding unexpected plot twists, love triangles, and crazy family connections! Honestly, who would have thought that Pan was Rumple's father, or that Regina had a sister? 
Today, I mainly want to concentrate on some of the characters and why they make me love the show so much!
Emma has had such a rough life. She lived as an orphan, gave her baby up for adoption at age 18, spent time in jail, and lost Neal. Nevertheless, she always manages to keep going with her life. In the end of the first season, she saves Henry, her son, from a sleeping curse with the kiss of true love. Once Upon a Time shows how romantic love is not the only form of true love. By waking Henry from the curse, Emma shows that despite all her loss and hardships, she really does have someone she really loves, not a romantic partner, but her son.

Despite her days as an evil queen, Regina still manages to redeem herself. It takes her awhile, but with the help of her son, she finally starts seeing the good in herself. The end of the third season ultimately shows a positive change because she finds that she knows more than just dark magic. She uses light magic to stop the evil that her sister has created. Also, after all she has done to her, she doesn't kill Zelena. 
Snow and Charming
I'm putting them together because after all, they do have they do share the same heart :) Snow and Charming always find each other. Their love was so true that they even loved each other during Regina's curse when they didn't know they were actually married. Now, Charming thought he was married to Abigail, so his being with Snow wasn't exactly right, but their love was so strong that it still survived the curse. No matter what the other does, they never give up their support for each other. 
They made a great casting choice for Belle. I can't think of anyone who could play her part better than Emilie. I love the clothes she wears! 
These are just some of my favorite Belle outfits! Belle always believes in the best of other people. She thinks that Rumple really has the power to change and become good. She's the one who shows him that his curse of taking on the Dark One can be removed with the kiss of true love. I've heard some spoilers about the fourth season, and I think Belle's relationship with Rumple kind of changes, but from what I've seen in the first three seasons, Belle definitely brings about a positive change in Rumple.
Now, you have to remember that I still haven't seen season 4, but Hook also redeems himself. His love for Emma causes him to think about the welfare of others and change his pirating ways. He even gives up his ship, which has previously been what he lived for, so that he can get some memory potion to make Emma remember her past. I really don't think he will ever lose his cocky, full-of-himself attitude, but no one is ever going to complain about that :)
I am so excited to see season 4!
I can't wait to see Elsa and Anna and how Once portrays them! I'm sure that I'll love it! I probably won't get access to it until it comes out on DVD, so I am patiently (somewhat patiently) waiting until August 18 (I think that's the date) when it comes out on DVD! I really want to finish it before season 5 premiers! Via Pinterest, I found out a spoiler for season 5, something about Emma becoming the Dark One. That would make things so complicated. And then what happens to Rumple?
I think this is my longest post so far. I guess that shows my love for this show!

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