Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Recent Live Action Disney Movies

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I don't know if you've seen them yet, but Maleficent, Into the Woods, and Cinderella are really, really good. I saw each of them in the movie theatre, and I have seen them again on DVD (except for Cinderella because that isn't out until September). I really like how they put two animated movies and a musical to life with real people. 
Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning were perfect casting choices! 
I love how the writers decided to show a different side of Maleficent, that she wasn't born evil, and that she could be changed. After cursing Aurora, she often watches her as a baby because the three fairies really don't know what they're doing.

 While Aurora is a baby, Maleficent finds she has to be responsible for keeping her alive, since the fairies are  rather incompetent to do so. Eventually, Maleficent learns to love Aurora as her own daughter, and breaks the sleeping curse in the form of a kiss of true love, as a mother. This version of Maleficent is truly a story of redemption. 

Into the Woods
Surprisingly, I had never heard of this musical until I found out that Disney was making it into a movie. After I saw the movie (on December 26 because I couldn't go on the 25th because that was Christmas), I completely fell in love with it. I listened to the soundtrack everyday. After they put Agony on YouTube, I watched it on repeat. I've even worked out to the prologue before. Agony is most certainly my favorite part!
I'd like to include a more action filled shot, but Google Image doesn't have any that my computer will let me load.
My second favorite part might be the Steps of the Palace scene.
The song is so funny, and Anna Kendrick has such a good voice! Her dress is pretty too. I'm so glad they featured her in this dress making an Into the Woods reference at the Oscar's!
And then of course, you can't forget Johny Depp as The Wolf.
No one else could have played this part better.
Same thing with the Witch.
Meryl Streep has such a great voice and is such a good actress.
So good. This movie was so good.

The costumes, the music, the message. Who could ask for more?
The ball is just exquisite. 
I love the sets and the costumes.
The relationship between her and Kit is so romantic and pure.
And who could not love her wedding dress?
I have a dream to make my wedding dress look like hers. That would probably take about a year, though, considering all the work that would have to go into the embroidery. 
If you have seen and of these movies, please comment below on which one was your favorite! I think my favorite was probably Cinderella. 


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