Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Arts: My Love for Impressionism

Ever since I was really young, Impressionist art has always caught my fancy. I used to have photo albums full of art postcards, and I remember many hours spent looking over lots of Impressionist artwork. Mary Cassatt started my love of this art form. I loved her pictures of women and children in frilly dresses, enjoying the outdoors, each others' company, or an afternoon cup of tea. 
Woman Reading in a Garden
By Mary Cassatt
When I got a little older, especially after I became interested in dance, I discovered Edgar Degas. 
 Green Dancers
By Edgar Degas
I love how he focuses so much on ballet. His paintings of dancers in motion thoroughly show the vivacity of their art. He definitely tries to convey the dancers' love of ballet, especially in this painting. 
The Ballerina
By Edgar Degas
Another early Impressionist, Pierre August Renoir has a lovely way of using color in his paintings. 
 Two Sisters On the Terrace
By Pierre August Renoir
I really like the use of reds and blues in this painting. Everything just seems so vibrant and alive. It makes you wish you could step into the painting and reveal in the brilliancy of the color. 
 Dance at Bougival
By Pierre August Renoir
This painting also shares artistic similar qualities. I really like the way Renoir uses red in his paintings. It adds so much life to his artwork. 
During my years in high school, I have also discovered how much I love some of Claude Monet's work. He paints such beautiful landscapes. 
Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies
By Claude Monet
The softness of the colors in this painting capture the calming, natural beauty of Monet's aquatic water lily garden. 
Rainy Day
By Emerico Toth
Many artists today still experiment with this art form (including me!). I love the red coat in this painting. The fact that he doesn't reveal the subject's face also adds an element of mystery.
That's all I'll write for now about my love of Impressionism. I've been debating about how long I should make my future posts. They've been pretty short so far, but I think a lot of people prefer to read short, concise posts. Comment below if you have any feedback!

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  1. I was just reading a book on Renoir and admiring his colors. I didn't think I liked Impressionism that much, but I am starting to change my mind :-)