Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Arts: Breathtaking Interior Architecture

The world holds many beautiful things, both in nature and in what has been created by human hands. Over the course of civilization, many brilliant creative minds have envisioned stunning works of art that they put to form in magnificent buildings and edifices. Earlier today I was inspired to share with you the interiors of some of the most gorgeous buildings on earth. 
Paris Apartment
Unfortunately, I don't really know which building this staircase belongs to, all I have found is that it is the interior of some Paris apartment. I love the exquisite detailing on this railing and the regality (I made up that word) of the carpet on the marble staircase. 
Another Beautiful Staircase
I cannot find where this staircase is from, but it simply breaths elegance. I love the ironwork on the railing and the brilliant blueness of the carpet. The windows add light to illuminate everything and bring out the radiance of the interior. I really want to find out where this is because it would be an exquisite place to visit someday. 
Paris Opera House
Who doesn't dream of someday seeing this place in person? The beautiful chandeliers reflect on a mirror-like like floor, creating an eerie illumination. The ceiling displays meticulously detailed artwork and design. The space radiates beauty and old-fashioned Parisian sophistication. And then of course, there are the amazing singers, musicians, and dancers who come to perform there. Ah, the beauty of it. 
US Treasury Building, Washington D.C.
This place is certainly on my bucket list. It has a different look to it than the previously shown European architecture. It retains a historic early American air while not looking too old-fashioned. I love the angle this shot was taken at. It really captures the full essence of this interior. 
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