Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Great Workout Songs!

In my opinion, the summer is one of the best times to workout. The heat loosens your muscles and makes them more flexible, you're less likely to be stressed out (aka no homework), and all your free time motivates you to find something new and fun to do! I just want to share with you a few songs that I think really help you to stay motivated and keep going during long workouts!

 Bastille has lots of good songs, but Pompeii might be my favorite! Something about the song just helps you to keep going!

I call this one my push up song. The beat of it just really makes me want to do push ups! Try it! 

This song is really motivational when you're doing something really difficult. A few months ago, I beat my plank record by planking for the entirety of this song (and longer)!

I hope you like these ideas. Comment on what you think are some other great workout songs. I'm always looking for input :)

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