Monday, July 13, 2015

For Narnia!

As Narnia is one of my favorite movies, I thought that I would do a quick little post on it! Especially since this December will be the ten year anniversary of the movie! Wow. I can't believe I'm that old. I remember the day it came out like it was yesterday! 
Lucy is probably my favorite character.
She's the one who started it all. Just because she decided to hide in a wardrobe one day, she discovered this place, and eventually, so did the rest of her siblings, with her help. 
I don't like how she changes and stops believing in Narnia when she gets older, but until that happens, Susan's a pretty great character too. 
And I wish I had her archery skills.
Then of course there's Peter, who leads the Narnians and helps them defeat the White Witch and her army.
And Edmund. At first he's a bit of a traitor, but he redeems himself through Aslan's help.
I don't have much time to write today, so this might kind of be it. I just wanted to get something posted today! What should I write about next?


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