Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fashion: Agent Carter

One day, I was looking for something free to watch, and I stumbled upon Agent Carter. ABC still had a couple days left for viewing of the first episode, so I decided to watch it. I became immediately attached! Agent Carter is now my favorite show (except for Once Upon a Time)! I want to dedicate this post mostly to Peggy Carter's fashion, since she always dresses so classy and sophisticated!
I love her red hat and blue jacket! She's not afraid to wear bright colors and stand out in the crowd! If you would like to copy this look, here is an Agent Carter inspired outfit I found on Pinterest.
 Not all of her outfits stand out like the previous one, but nevertheless, she still looks just as polished.
Almost anyone can look great in this nice clean look of a pristine white blouse with a tucked in pencil skirt. 
And who could not love this classic, vintage hair and makeup look? I'll tell you right now that red is my favorite shade of lipstick. The way she does her eye makeup accentuates the eyes without making them look too dark. And her hair has such a classy vintage 1940's look. Have you noticed her nails? They are similar to this color.
She wears this red dress that I really like in one of the episodes (or maybe it was in the Captain American movie, but I think it was on the show). 
I can't find a very good picture of it; this is the best I can find. Probably part of the reason Carter wears so much red is that at that time, right after the war had ended, red was very patriotic.
That's all for today! If you get a chance, you should definitely watch the first season of the show! It's coming back for the second season next winter!

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