Friday, July 31, 2015

Fashion: Disneybounding!

Before I start writing about Disneybounding, just let me tell you, there is so much that goes into the college admissions process. I've only looked at one college so far, and I'm considering if I should retake my SAT's, and I have so many things to put into my resume. And on top of all of that, I have not done all of my summer homework. Okay, enough of that!
In case you don't know what Disneybounding is, it's when you use the inspiration of a Disney character to put together an outfit! It's awesome! I just want to share with you some great Disney outfits I've found on Pinterest.
Elsa seriously has one of the best Disney princess dresses. Sometimes I really wish it was possible to create a gorgeous dress out of ice! But, unfortunately, we live in a world where that would melt :( However, Elsa's ice dress serves as great fashion inspiration! There are so many Disneybounded (my computer keeps telling me that's not a word) Elsa outfits out there, so I'll just show you my favorite. Oh, and by the way, I'm going to post the links to Polyvore so you can see where to find all the pieces (that's what fashion designers call articles of clothing; I guess clothes can be a work of art!)

This dress is so pretty! I absolutely love the turquoise blue snowflake fabric!  Link 
I also love Elsa's Frozen Fever look. This outfit is one of my favorites I've seen on Polyvore. I'm not always into such bright colors, but I'd wear this outfit. The shoes look so stylish. Link
Some people would say it's cheesy or something like that, but I love the idea of Disneybounding for prom. This dress is so beautiful. And that necklace! Link
I'm only posting one outfit for Wendy, but I just had to share it because the dress is so cute! And that darling Tinkerbell necklace... Link
Alice is definitely one of my Disney fashion icons. I love her simplistic style in the original movie and her dresses in the live action movie are gorgeous! 
Lace dresses are so pretty, especially this one. The pearl jewelry adds just the right touch! Link
 This dress is so professional and fun at the same time. A grown up Alice fashion inspiration! Disneybounding for work! Link
I've always loved Cinderella's dress, ever since I first saw the movie when I was probably about two years old. The new movie has increased my love for Cinderella's fashion even more.

The perfect thing to look dapper in at Disneyland! Most of this outfit is pretty affordable, too. Link
This dress is really interesting and pretty at the same time. It doesn't really look like Cinderella's dress, but it clearly has a Cinderella vibe to it. I can't find it's Polyvore link :(
This fairy godmother inspired dress is really cute, too. Again with the lace trend! Link
Beauty and the Beast
I've found a few different Beauty and the Beast outfits inspired by different characters that I really like.
This dress has such a beautiful color. It would be great for prom. Link
I want to someday walk into a store and see this dress there waiting for me. On sale too. In my size. I can't find the link to where it's from, though.
Who would have thought of making an outfit for the enchanted rose? I love it! This dress is so cute! Link
Such a cute, vintage inspired outfit. I should get some lilac heels.... We should all get lilac heels... Link
A simple, everyday but dressy look inspired by Belle. Perhaps the most fashionable Disney princess in my opinion. Link
Jane's style is so classy and sophisticated! 
If Jane lived in the twenty first century, she would definitely wear this. Love the vintage inspired pieces! Link
Another adorable yellow dress! So classy. Link
Rapunzel's dress is so cute. You can't go wrong copying her carefree style. If only we could have the seventy feet of hair and Pascal to go with it all!
Everything in this outfit is so lovely and purple. I love color themes! If only I had those shoes. Link 
Everything in this outfit reminds me of that spectacular lantern boat scene. I have a dream (pun intended) to someday have a boat ride on the water with those beautiful lanterns. Link
I hope I've inspired you to add some magic into your outfits! By the way, I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel. Comment on what I should do videos about!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fashion: Pinterest Favorites

So, being the Pinterest lover that I am, I have over 300 pins on my fashion board. That may not sound like a lot to some people, but I have only had a Pinterest account for five months. Today I just want to share with you some of my favorite pins on my fashion board so that you can get a sense of my personal style and find inspiration for developing your own taste!
I love dresses. They are my favorite thing to buy. 

 Wow. I guess I should also include some dresses that are not blue.

As you can see, I like fitted waists and dressier styles.

Okay, my phone sends me countless notifications that so and so has pinned this pin. I guess everyone just loves Coach bags.

So, I guess this post looks kind of disorganized and overwhelming. I think I'm getting better at making my posts aesthetically pleasing, though :) I did not provide the links to all of these things, but if you want to see where one of these things is from or buy it, all of these things are on my fashion board on Pinterest.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Just Some Pretty Things!

Who doesn't like a few cute little trinkets and treasures? I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to things that I just think are pretty. Today I just want to share with you a few of my finds.

Aren't these lovely? I love the pretty florals and the crocheted lace trim. These pillowcases have such a nice shabby chic, vintage style to them. Unfortunately, they're all sold out on Etsy.

I love hat boxes! They have such a great vintage flair! Three years ago I was in the musical Hello Dolly!, and we used so many hat boxes for the hat shop scene. I guess that was when I realized how much I love hat boxes.

This is such a cute watch! It's not available anymore on Etsy, but that doesn't mean that we can't appreciate how adorable it is.
This is actually supposed to be a pillow to put the rings on in a wedding, but I think it could still look very nice on a bed or a chair. I love the ribbon flowers.
This chandelier is so pretty. It would look even better with real candles!
Ah, this cupcake is too perfect for words. It looks more like a piece of art than food.
I just had to include some shabby chic tea cups.
I love the Anastasia movie! Who wouldn't love this beautiful music box? Link
These are really pretty. Unfortunately, I can't find where to buy them, because they would be lovely to have.
These are just as pretty!

So, if you would like to see more beautiful things, follow my pretty things board on Pinterest!